Greater Philadelphia Attorney Dennis R. Primavera

Ever since he graduated from the Delaware Law School of Widener College in 1975, Attorney Dennis R. Primavera has been serving the people of Pennsylvania.  Focusing mainly on personal injury issues, he fights for his clients so they can get what they need.

Operating out of a convenient Philadelphia location, Attorney Dennis R Primavera has assisted clients from many walks of life.  Because he has focused his energies in one main field of practice, he has developed his skills and improved on them continuously in his four decades of practice.

Personal Injury

To be eligible to receive a judgment in a personal injury case, you must be able to prove an injury, and you must be able to prove that the injury is someone else’s fault.   The injury can come from many sources, such as a car crash, dog bite, or even just a slip and fall.

If you have been injured through the fault of someone else, it is best not to accept a settlement from the other person’s lawyer until you have gotten advice from an attorney.  A Philadelphia Personal Injury Attorney can help you figure out how much you are due, not just because of the original doctor’s bills but also for time off from work, pain and suffering, and anything else you are owed.


Philadelphia Attorney Dennis R Primavera also handles probation cases.  In Pennsylvania, probate is the process that happens after someone dies whether or not they have left a will.  Probate Lawyers may help out in several ways.

First, a lawyer can help write the will.  Even when there is a will, there may be ambiguity of terms or circumstances may have changed since the will was written.   An attorney can help administer an estate, or even in some special circumstances fight the terms of a will.

Acting now is in your best interest

If you have a potential personal injury case and haven’t consulted am attorney yet, time could be running out. Two years is the maximum time limit for filing a personal injury claim.   And if you have an estate issue, the sooner you deal with it, the less likely it will be decided against you while you wait.

With an office conveniently located in northeast Philadelphia, Dennis R. Primavera, Attorney at Law is proud to serve residents of Philadelphia, Montgomery and Bucks Counties, PA. Call Dennis R. Primavera, Attorney at Law, for a free consultation today.