Philadelphia Wills and Estates Lawyer

Estate planning can be an uncomfortable topic for many people; it’s not fun to talk about death. However, having valid, professionally-drafted estate planning documents in place can make the process of administering your estate significantly easier for your loved ones when the time comes.

With more than 40 years of experience helping clients in NE Philadelphia with their legal needs, wills and estates lawyer Dennis R. Primavera provides valuable services to those planning how their own estates will be handled after death, and to those who are grieving the passing of a loved one who owned property in Philadelphia County, Montgomery County or Bucks County, PA at the time of their death.

Estate Planning

When you have an attorney professionally prepare your will and other estate planning documents, you are giving an important gift to your loved ones. Your estate planning documents serve as a roadmap, helping guide your loved ones so they know how you wanted your assets managed and distributed. Your estate planning documents will also identify who should be appointed to handle administration of your estate.

Attorney Dennis R. Primavera can help you with your estate planning, whether your estate and wishes are relatively simple or more complex.

Probate and Estate Administration

When someone dies owning property in PA, their assets may need to go through a court process called probate before they can be distributed. The probate process involves the court appointment of the personal representative (executor of the estate), notifying creditors and other interested parties, and distributing assets. If your loved one left a valid will, that document will govern how assets are distributed. If there was no valid will, then PA law will determine the heirs.

Choose Experienced Counsel. Choose Dennis R. Primavera, Attorney at Law

Don’t wait any longer to complete your own estate planning; nobody knows what the future will bring. Attorney Dennis R. Primavera will help make the planning process as easy as possible for you, so you can have the comfort that comes from knowing you are prepared. He can also help make the process of administering a loved one’s estate through probate court easier.

If you need an attorney to write your will, or if a loved one has passed away and you need representation for a probate court proceeding, contact experienced, knowledgeable attorney Dennis R. Primavera in Philadelphia today. Schedule an initial consultation by calling (215) 335-4004.